5 sector(s), 48 route(s)
Sport climbing at a cozy location right next to the sea.
24 sector(s), 133 route(s)
Sport and some trad climbing at all grades. The classical crack for after-work climbing.
1 sector(s), 7 route(s)
Sport climbing with very short approach. A perfect crag for a short evening session. The season starts early and last long.
7 sector(s), 54 route(s)
Sport and some trad climbing.
5 sector(s), 29 route(s)
Sport and some trad climbing at a scenic crag at the end of the world. Amazing to be here, even better climbing.
10 sector(s), 55 route(s)
Trad climbing in the mountains. The best place in the world on a sunny summer weekend. A cozy cabin - Hollenderhytta - is the perfect place to stay. More info about the hut can be found on:http://tromsoklatring.no/hytta
1 sector(s), 4 route(s)
0 sector(s), 0 route(s)
1 sector(s), 7 route(s)
Trad (and sport) multi-pitching on a friendly cliff in the mountains. Svapreget, ofte grunne riss. Som navnet sier, er denne veggen på sørsida av Middagsfjellet halvparten i størrelse og bratthet av sin navnebror blant Hollenderan. Til gjengjeld er rissene er halvparten så dype. Men granitten er like fast og klatringa like rein som på storebroren. ...
1 sector(s), 8 route(s)
1 sector(s), 6 route(s)
1 sector(s), 6 route(s)
A small crag with just 6 routes but. The routes are very short, but still interesting and the view from the crag is amazing!
1 sector(s), 5 route(s)
Trad climbing. Fjellet heter Mellomtind, og det det ligger mellom er Sørtind og Tromtind, rett vest av Tromvik. Nær toppen holder det en sørvendt, fast og formasjonsfylt granittvegg, to hakk nord og en grad ned for Gullknausen. Klatringa er kanskje også litt mer mellom enn gull - lite overhengende pump, men mange fine dager for hobbyklatrere som ...
0 sector(s), 0 route(s)
1 sector(s), 7 route(s)
Sport climbing at friendly grades. This crack is closed between Jan - July because of nesting birds.
1 sector(s), 9 route(s)
Aid and hard-core trad climbing on Kvaløyas "big-wall".
8 sector(s), 35 route(s)
Trad climbing in the mountains. Approach about 2 hours. There is only one established tent spot by the approach gully where the ridge between Storstolpan and 930 is at its lowest. There are other alternatives, but the are a bit more inclined (skrå). The view is spectacular, and you have sun from 0830 to 0200 in june. You have to look for water ...
1 sector(s), 2 route(s)
Approach: Somewhat exposed, particularly if wet. 1h from the road. When the terrain steepens, just before you enter the proper gully carefully cross the river and continue up the slabs on the left side. When arriving at the plateau approximately level with the pillar cross the river again, and head for the grassy ledge on the right side of the gull...
0 sector(s), 0 route(s)
Mainly an aid-climbing crag.