Type: Trad
Nr: 6
Comment: 250m. One of the very classic climbs - at the 40th anniversary of the Tromsø climbing club it was voted to the "best climb around". Extraordinary straight-up climbing from bottom to top, thin fingery layback through the crux, and a fantastic hand crack (Halvmånerisset). Free: Hank Levine, Dag Kolsrud, July 1979.
FA: Håvard NesheimSvein Smelvær
FA date: 01/07-78
Original grade: 6+ (6b)
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5+ (5c)
6- (6a)
6+ (6b)
6 (6a+)
Halvmånerisset (The halfmoon crack)
5+ (5c)


Leiv Aspelund
6+ (6b)
Superfin og temmelig solid for graden. Delte cruxlengden i to. Firerkammer er unødvendig, men kjekt med en del toere og treere
Steven Van Dijck
7-/7 (6b+)
Hard! Possible to devide the Crux into two parts. Bring 3-4 #4 along and 2 #3 for the second part. Sustained crux but lovely! First round I had to bail.
Anders Knutsen
7- (6b+)
Patrick Stoll
6+/7- (6b)


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