Type: Bolt
Nr: 1
Comment: 20m, 7 quickdraws. Shart and intense. The crux begins where you think it has ended.
FA: Einar Broch JohnsenLeif Henning Broch Johnsen
FA date: 01/01-93
Original grade: 7+/8- (7a+)


Leiv Aspelund
7+/8- (7a+)
Steven Van Dijck
7+/8- (7a+)
4th GO. Crux to get past 3th bolt, some tape was needed for the fingerlock on cristals. Beautifull line, nasty end. 7a+
Anders Knutsen
7+/8- (7a+)
Nok ei kul løype. 2nd go
Sigurd Sælthun
7+/8- (7a+)
OS. Steep and nice.


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