Type: Bolt
Nr: 2
Comment: 30m, 10 quickdraws. A long and varied classic with moderate climbing. Safe, but somewhat spaced protection. A cam in medium size just at the corner makes the climb feel more comfortable. Good warm-up with a superb view.
FA: Einar Broch JohnsenLeif Henning Broch Johnsen
FA date: 01/01-93
Original grade: 6 (6a+)
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Leiv Aspelund
6 (6a+)
Kunne gjerne hatt flere og bedre plasserte bolter. Fin klatring
Mayeul Marcadella
6 (6a+)
Steven Van Dijck
6 (6a+)
Not so hard when you know that good holds will appear. Mostly a mentally challenging route
Anders Knutsen
6 (6a+)
Superfin og spennende.
Sigurd Sælthun
6 (6a+)
Fin, men kanskje litt hard.
Sigurd Norderval
6/6+ (6a+)
Flott klatring, rebolting snart?


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