Type: Bolt
Nr: 6
Comment: 25m, 10 quickdraws. A classic following a varied and unlikely line.
FA: Leif Henning Broch Johnsen
FA date: 01/01-93
Original grade: 8- (7b)
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Leiv Aspelund
8- (7b)
Fineste 8- i ersfjorden?
Steven Van Dijck
8- (7b)
Second go of the day. Wasn't concentrated in the crux. A fingerlock around the corner made the crux a lot easier. Clipped the chains with a lot of power left in the bank. Was the fifth try in total. Nice route. Not sketchy clips at all. No hands rest after crux.
Sigurd Sælthun
8- (7b)
OS. Ujevn men fin.
Anders Knutsen
8- (7b)
Ikke den fineste 8 minusen i Ersfjorden
Sigurd Norderval
8- (7b)
Mayeul Marcadella
8- (7b)
Veldig ujevn, men fin crux


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