Type: Bolt
Nr: 7
Comment: 25m, 11 quickdraws. One of the great classics. Exceptional climbing for the grad.
FA: Einar Broch JohnsenLeif Henning Broch Johnsen
FA date: 01/01-93
Original grade: 7- (6b+)
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Leiv Aspelund
7- (6b+)
Patrick Stoll
7- (6b+)
Just great.
Anders Knutsen
7- (6b+)
Sigurd Sælthun
7- (6b+)
Steven Van Dijck
7- (6b+)
My first trad ascent of this route. Used to be my project in 2015 on sport and was very happy to do it in even better style two years later.


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