Type: Bolt
Nr: 5
Comment: 20m, 8 quickdraws. Wonderful climbing on small edges and flakes. A true classic.
FA: Leif Henning Broch Johnsen
FA date: 01/01-92
Original grade: 8- (7b)
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Steven Van Dijck
8- (7b)
2016's project. I kept on forgetting the beta in the start. I tried to flash it with Grumstads' beta but it was way too powerful for me. When sending I was too pumped to clip the draw in the little traverse so ran it out instead with shaking legs.
Sigurd Sælthun
8- (7b)
Flash. Litt buldrete, men artig læll.
Anders Knutsen
8- (7b)
Tok noen fall på traversen over cruxet, men kul bane.
Sigurd Norderval
8- (7b)
Einar Engstad
8- (7b)
Andre forsøk


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