Type: Trad
Nr: 3
Comment: Steep, brutal, and very aesthetic climbing int the east face of the large couloir. Perfect crack climbing.
FA: Eik KolstrupJonas Jakobsen
FA date: 21/06-19
Original grade: 7- (6b+)
Page views (since 2019.10.09): 42
6 (6a+)
Starts in a small chimney which goes up to a right facing dihedral in the east face of the pillar in the bottom of the gully (Ersjfordtraversrenna).
4 (4b)
Follow the narrow ridge with small pinnacles.
7- (6b+)
Overhanging hand jam over 45m up to a large ledge.
6- (6a)
Step right from the big ledge, up to a steep crack /dihedral with large jugs to a ledge. From this straight up horizontal cracks to the left of the arête for the last meters.


Patrick Stoll
7- (6b+)
Wow!! Grade is 6+ for those who have been in Indian Creek or with a Crack machine at home. ;)


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