Type: Trad
Nr: 8
Comment: Not certain if this is the same line as "Brenda mandler" - the line looks the same, but the grades are different. Done some weeks before "Brenda mandler". Straight up the formations some 100 meters to the right of Fullmånerisset.
FA: Kuutti HeikkiläSamuli Pekkanen
FA date: 01/06-18
Original grade: 7- (6b+)
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6 (6a+)
40 m. Classic stem box under a little roof. Slab traverse left. Continue crack to a ledge.
6- (6a)
30 m. Crack to a ledge, then over a small roof. Continue on easy terrain/ledges.
6- (6a)
30 m. Obvious dihedral takes you straight to a ledge under a big roof.
7- (6b+)
40 m. Skirt under the roof from the right. Continue to a wide crack formation and belay on a small ledge a couple of meters before chokestones.
6+ (6b)
55 m. Head up obvious formations to the top.


Patrick Stoll
7- (6b+)
Good route from the start to the end. Pretty steep in the crux pitch. And some nice offwidths :)


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