Type: Trad
Nr: 11
Comment: An easier, but quite vegetated route up the right hand of the pillar. Some cleaning can make this a nice route.
FA: Eik KolstrupJohan Swärd
FA date: 05/07-19
Original grade: 6 (6a+)
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6- (6a)
30 m. Up a dihedral, then traverse a juggy crack, and then a small vertical crack up to a narrow ledge. Traverse the ledge, then belay at the bottom of the crack.
6- (6a)
25 m. Climb a nice, but vegetated crack.
6 (6a+)
45 m. Climb the long arête at the left hand side og the gully. Belay opposite of the easy chimney at the right hand side of the gully.
4+ (4c)
20 m. Climb the short chimney.
5 (5b)
50 m. Climb the two easier dihedrals at the right hand side, and scrable to the top.


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