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#1 Ultima Thule n/a
Geir Andersen, Mikael Nilsen, Mårten Blixt (Aid/Trad, 7 pitches, 1 ascent) 315m, A1. Likely the easiest aid-climb up the North face, but it still does not come for free. Gear tip: Triple to quadruple rack from small cams to #1 (black diamond). Double #2 and #3, one time # 4. Lots of very small-, small- and medium-sized nuts. One pecker might come in handy, but it is possible without, and the ethics rather suggest to avoid it! In winter you’ll be happy with a lot of peckers and less cams.
#2 Livet under kniven n/a Joakim Gaupset Eide, Morten Bjerkås (Aid, 7 pitches) 350m. A2
#3 Ikaros n/a Robert Caspersen (Aid, 6 pitches) 350m. A1/A2
#4 Atlantis 8-/8 (7b)
Frode Guldal, Håvard Nesheim, Sjur Nesheim (Aid/Trad, 9 pitches, 1 ascent) 400m. A1/A2, First free ascent: P. Hustad, J. Nilsson in July 1990
#5 Bongo Bar 9- (8a) Erik Massih, Mårten Blixt, Thomas Ekefalk (Aid/Trad, 8 pitches) 400m First free ascent: Dave Macleod (08-2011)
#6 Disco 2000 n/a Bjørn Krane, Mårten Blixt (Aid, 8 pitches) 400m. A2+
#7 Arctandria 9-/9 (8a+) Finn Dæhli, Håvard Nesheim, Sjur Nesheim (Aid/Trad, 12 pitches) 400m. A2+, First free ascent: Didier Berthod, Giovanni Quirici in August 2005
#8 Pishtaco 8- (7b) Anne Grete Nebell, Bjarte Bø (Aid/Trad, 8 pitches) 400m. A2
#9 Frost n/a Anne Grete Nebell, Bjarte Bø (Aid, 9 pitches) 400m. A3/M5+