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#1 Snøballkrig 6+ (6b) Jimmy Halvardsson (Bolt, 1 ascent) 12m, 5 quickdraws. The route to the left. Bouldery, but with nice moves.
#2 Sorry Lorry 6 (6a+) Jimmy Halvardsson (Bolt, 1 ascent) Another somewhat bouldery route.
#3 Whipper Delux 7- (6b+) Jimmy Halvardsson (Bolt, 2 ascents) 15m, 5 quickdraws. When in doubt run it out…
#4 Panoramasvaet 6+ (6b) Einar Broch Johnsen, Leif Henning Broch Johnsen (Bolt, 1 ascent) 15m, 5 quickdraws. First route on the back side of Kjerringa.
#5 Gravitasjonslinsen 7- (6b+) Øystein Andresen (Trad) 15m. Starts around the corner from Panoramasvaet and ends at the same anchor. Steeper than the other routes.