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The best wall. Steep and solid. The grades are super old school.


#1 Black Pearl n/a (Trad)
#2 Kniven n/a (Trad)
#3 Grax 7- (6b+)
Håvard Nesheim, Sjur Nesheim (Trad, 6 pitches, 2 ascents) 250m. Continuous nice climbing with increasing difficulty, which culiminates with a nice crux at the overlap. The start is shared with Run Amok, but keeps going straight up, and slightly left, where Run Amok traverses right under the second roof on the third pitch.
#4 Run Amok 6+ (6b)
Halgeir Nyheim, Tim Hansen (Trad, 4 pitches, 1 ascent) 250m. Continuous thin jamming through the leftmost crack in Halvmånen.
#5 Rena Ragnarok 7+ (7a)
Mårten Blixt, Petter Restorp, Øystein Andresen (Trad, 4 pitches, 1 ascent) 250m. Free variant of Hans Christian Doseths Ragnarok, which avoids the pendulum into Run Amok and continues through the Halvmånen on very thin ground (long fall potential, steep). Third pitch starts with a steep fingery crack, then traverses out right to a psychological crux and ends with a steep section at the very end of Halvmånen - 60 marvellous meters. Bring some small protection. Several finger-sized cams are nice on the third pitch.
#6 Halvmånerisset 6+/7- (6b)
Håvard Nesheim, Svein Smelvær (Trad, 5 pitches, 5 ascents) 250m. One of the very classic climbs - at the 40th anniversary of the Tromsø climbing club it was voted to the "best climb around". Extraordinary straight-up climbing from bottom to top, thin fingery layback through the crux, and a fantastic hand crack (Halvmånerisset). Free: Hank Levine, Dag Kolsrud, July 1979.
#7 Gemini 7 (6c)
Are Mellem, Dag Kolsrud (Trad, 5 pitches, 1 ascent) 250m. Follows the left of two twin-cracks that begin at the bottom of Halvmånen. Sustained crack climbing takes you right and into Halvmånediedret, where it joins Svart Hav for 10m. Shares the last pitch with Svart Hav, which is one of the best finger crack pitches around.
#8 Svart Hav 7- (6b+) Bent Svinnung, Sjur Nesheim (Trad, 6 pitches) 250m. Slightly tougher mentally than the other routes, with bold climbing on the first two pitches.
#9 Flygende Hollender 6/6+ (6a+)
Kjell Skog, Sjur Nesheim (Trad, 6 pitches, 2 ascents) 250m. This is a highly recommended route. Follows the marked dihedral to the right of Halvmånen. Very sustained climbing with a beautiful bold finish, solid for its grade.
#10 Ikaros 7- (6b+) Anders Lundahl, Eva Selin (Trad) 50m. Nice variation of "Flygender Hollender", a mini version of Thanatos.
#11 Dark Side of the Moon 6+ (6b) Erik Massih, Sofia Sandgren (Trad, 2 pitches) 100m - Baugens only whole-hearted chimney.
#12 Kairos 8- (7b) Erik Massih, Håvard Nesheim (Trad, 2 pitches) 100m - Climb Flygende Hollender to the bottom of the chimney and then right into the dihedral (7/7+) right of Dark side of the moon. Belay at the ledge on top of Thanatos. Climb the double dihedral starting left of the ledge and up through the roofs on the right hand side (8-). Belay on small ledge.
#13 Thanatos 7+ (7a) Bjørn Braathen, Hans Christian Doseth (Trad, 5 pitches) 250m - The most super classic on Kvaløya. Impressive 80m long slightly overhanging hand-jam crack, surprisingly awkward. Easily seen just right of Halvmånen. First ascent: Håvard Nesheim, Svein Smelvær, Ragnhild Amundsen, Hans Christian Doseth, July 1980
#14 Thanatos direkt start 7+ (7a) Bjørn Krane, Mårten Blixt (Trad, 3 pitches) 150m - Same start as Krumtappen or Ballongsnoppen. Then a slab traverse left into the very beginning of the Thanatos crack (6+ to this point).
#15 Krumtappen 6+ (6b) Hans Christian Doseth, Per Markestad (Trad, 5 pitches) 250m - Nice steep climbing through some fantastic terrain at the top. The first pitch of Ballongsnoppen are often climbed instead of the original start. First ascent: Tom Pedersen, Svein Smelvær, Håvard Nesheim, June 1980.
#16 Ballongsnoppen 6+ (6b)
Mårten Blixt, Øystein Andresen (Trad, 5 pitches, 1 ascent) 250m - Traditional climbing in sport apparel! The 3rd pitch negotiates an unlikely yellow wall on jugs. Route ends dead blank 30m below the top, and one needs to travers right into Alexis/Alekos.