photographer: UnTo


#1 Raw F**king Power 7+/8- (7a+)
Øystein Andresen (Bolt, 3 ascents) 20m, 7 quickdraws. Three-dimensional biceps-pulling.
#2 Spørre Torsken 7/7+ (6c+) Petter Restorp (Bolt) 20m, 7 quickdraws. Same start as R.F.P., then right. Sting in the tail!
#3 Kalk 6 (6a+) Mikko, Petter Restorp, Øystein Andresen (Bolt, 1 ascent) 10m, 3 quickdraws. Not so straight forward.
#4 Gummi 6 (6a+) Mikko, Petter Restorp, Øystein Andresen (Bolt, 2 ascents) 10m, 3 quickdraws. Classic granite boulder problem.
#5 Jernanger 5- (5a)
Øystein Andresen (Bolt, 1 ascent) 12m. Left route on the steep slab 20 m left of R.F.P.:
#6 Trikky 7- (6b+)
Erik Hjerde (Bolt, 1 ascent) 12m. Middle route on the steep slab 20 m left of R.F.P.:
#7 Sånn-ja 6+ (6b) Erik Hjerde (Bolt) 12m. Three short bolted routes on the steep slab 20 m left of R.F.P.:
#8 Rogn i påsan 6- (6a) Thomas Meling (Trad) 30m. Climb the crack at the start of Sånn-ja (without clipping the bolts), go through the rowan tree to the ledge and continue up the hanging chimney to the top.
#9 Bingo 5+ (5c) Øystein Andresen (Trad) 15m. To the right of Rogn i påsan. Climb the crack on the right side of the roof, past the pinnacle and onto the ledge. Use anchor on Sånn-ja.
#10 Raw fucking torsk 5 (5b) Øystein Andresen (Trad) 15m. Climb the off-width crack at the start of R.F.P. to the top of the pillar.
#11 Neglesprett 7 (6c) Thomas Meling (Trad) 10m. Left-slanting crack 10 m right of the two routes Kalk og Gummi.
#12 Lett nytelse 5+ (5c) Holger Keilholz (Bolt) 20m. The airy slab and arête 50 m right of Neglesprett.
#13 Kremfjes 5- (5a) Øystein Andresen (Trad) 20m. Nice dihedral/crack on a south-facing wall 30 m below the arête of Lett nytelse.
#14 Gartnerlosjen 6 (6a+) Øystein Andresen (Trad) 20m. The dirty crack line just right of Kremfjes. Start low left (easier variation starts right).
#15 Curlinggenerasjonen 4 (4b) Thomas Meling (Trad) 15m. Short but sweet dihedral 10 m right of Gartnerlosjen.