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#1 Baktappa 5 (5b) Svein Smelvær (Bolt) 15m, 4 quickdraws. This was put ip tp facilitate the acces to the top of the other routes.
#2 Rock around the Clock 6+ (6b)
Ben Johnsen, Ragnar Soleng, Svein Smelvær (Bolt, 5 ascents) 25m, 8 quickdraws. Varied and nice route. Balancy moves into crack, than delicate slab, to a somewhat steeper finish.
#3 Klokkestrengen 7-/7 (6b+)
Ben Johnsen, Roy-Inge Hansen, Svein Smelvær (Bolt, 2 ascents) 25m, 8 quickdraws. The classic on the wall. Steel crack climbing, through a small overhang and steep dihedrals to the top!
#4 Bård i bekmørtna 5+ (5c) Bård Larsen, Erik Hjerde (Bolt) 25m. To the left of Rock’n roll
#5 Øyeblikkets tyranni 7+ (7a) Bård Larsen, Erik Hjerde (Bolt) 25m. To the right of Klokkestrengen.
#6 Langsomhetens teknokrati 7/7+ (6c+) Erik Hjerde (Bolt) 25m. Same start as Øyeblikkets, then right and up through the overhangs.
#7 Grisebingen 6- (6a) Øystein Andresen (Bolt) 25m. The dirty crack just right of Langsomhetens. Some loose rock.