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#1 Turistklasse 6+ (6b)
Audun Igesund (Bolt, 2 ascents) 10m, 6 quickdraws. Scenic climbing along the edge. Take out your camera.
#2 Leppa 8- (7b)
Audun Igesund (Bolt, 3 ascents) 10m, 6 quickdraws. Traversing out in space.
#3 Dobbelsidig Kryssbitt 8- (7b) Chris Christensen (Bolt) 10m. Same first bolt as Centre court, crosses Leppa and follows the bolted line left.
#4 Center Court 9/9+ (8b+) Dave Macleod (Bolt) 15m. Starts left of Tungebåndet, joining it halfway, then finish in Piercing.
#5 Centerbåndet link-up 8/8+ (7c) Thomas Meling (Bolt) 10m. Climb Centre court, but exit right in Tungebåndet.
#6 Tungebåndet 8/8+ (7c) Audun Igesund, Leif Henning Broch Johnsen (Bolt) 12m, 8 quickdraws. Steep and unapproachable. Bouldery start gives access to an unthinkable line!
#7 Piercing 9/9+ (8b+) Eirik Birkelund Olsen (Bolt) 15m. The direct finish of Tungebåndet.
#8 Conchita 8 (7b+) (Bolt)
#9 Tungekysset 8+ (7c+) (Bolt) Start on the pile of stones and climb straight up. One of the most obvious lines. Hard boulder start.
#10 Lifterens Guiden til Galaxen 8+ (7c+) Eirik Birkelund Olsen (Bolt) 20m, 12 quickdraws. Use two ropes, unclip the first after the second bolt to avoid ropedrag.