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#1 Insomnia 8- (7b) Øystein Andresen (Bolt) 22m, 9 quickdraws. A classic line that has given (and will continue to give) the first ascensionist sleepless nights...
#2 Cheerio 8-/8 (7b) Øystein Andresen (Bolt) 25m, 11 quickdraws. Bye, bye... Creator: Thomas Meling
#3 På Kanten av Stupet 6+/7- (6b)
Einar Broch Johnsen, Leif Henning Broch Johnsen (Bolt, 1 ascent) 30m, 12 quickdraws. Nice, technical and partly exposed climbing on the edge of the slab.
#4 Via Tony 7+ (7a) Mårten Blixt (Bolt) 30m, 11 quickdraws. Delicous, technical climbing. Thin and sustained.
#5 Larghissimo 8 (7b+) Eirik Birkelund Olsen (Bolt) 30m. The thin white line to the left of Fluenes herre.
#6 Fluenes Herre 6/6+ (6a+)
Ben Johnsen, Ragnar Soleng (Bolt, 1 ascent) 30m, 12 quickdraws. Continous slab climbing which demanded a great effort from the first ascenders. Tighten your laces!
#7 Dagsverk 6- (6a)
Harald Dag Jølle (Bolt, 3 ascents) 30m, 12 quickdraws. Sympathetic climb. Follows cracks, edges and small dihedrals.