photographer: Unknown
photographer: Unknown
photographer: Mayeul Marcadella
photographer: Eik Kolstrup
photographer: Eik Kolstrup, in photo: Veronica Kolstrup
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Approach: 1h (some scrambling to reach the base of the route). Decent on the snowfield from the top of the routes. No need for rappells.


#1 Det ordner seg for pappa 6+ (6b) Eik Kolstrup, Ola Richardsen (Trad, 4 pitches) Classic! Starts by the big rock on the southern tip of the wall (red route in the overview).
#2 Det ordner seg for barnløse 6- (6a) Eik Kolstrup, Østein Skutevik (Trad)
#3 Jakobsen/Kolstrup 6 (6a+) Eik Kolstrup, Jonas Jakobsen (Trad) First pitch is the same as Pappaperm. After follows som scrambling (grad 4).
#4 Pappaperm 6+ (6b)
Eik Kolstrup, Ola Richardsen (Trad, 3 pitches, 1 ascent) Nice route that starts under a triangular hole with a thin crack under and over it. Clean and tecnical.
#5 Du skal inte rope hej! n/a Eik Kolstrup, Johanna Davidson (Trad) Not the best route on the wall. Difficult to protect the middle section.
#6 Sprukken Profil 6+ (6b) Eik Kolstrup, Kristoffer Knutson (Trad, 4 pitches) A steep line that aims for an invisible crack!