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#1 Knoll 6- (6a) Børge Østigård (Trad, 3 pitches, 2 ascents) 150m - Follow the left side of the large central dihedral on the wall. To get there you have to climb a awkward, but short offwidth. Afterwards you are rewarded by an amazing dihedral.
#2 Ikaros 6+ (6b) (Trad, 3 pitches) 150m - Climbs the large central dihedral. Joins Knoll at the finish.
#3 Sentralruta 6+ (6b) (Trad, 3 pitches) 150m
#4 Tott 6 (6a+) Børge Østigård (Trad, 3 pitches) 150m - Follows the crack system a bit right of the clean face at the centre of the wall, finishes through a right-facing dihedral.
#5 Gro and Kåre 6 (6a+) (Trad, 3 pitches) 150m - Two routes with a joint start. Kåre goes right at the end. Whether this is a political message remains unknown to this very date.
#6 Sørpillaren 5- (5a) Jostein Bønes, Ove Skjerven (Trad, 6 pitches) 250m - Easiest route on Masta. The climbing up the lower summit can easily be avoided by walking/ scrambling up the gully.