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#1 Sydegga 5 (5b) Sjur Nesheim (Trad, 1 ascent) (ca 200m), Not much is known, should follow the south ridge.
#2 Dionysus 5+ (5c) Sjur Nesheim (Trad, 3 pitches) (150m), Left of the big deep "chimney". The precise line is not known.
#3 Baal 6- (6a) Sjur Nesheim (Trad, 3 pitches) (120m), to the right of the large deep "chimney". The exact line is not known.
#4 Baccus 5- (5a) Sjur Nesheim (Trad, 2 pitches) (90m), the exact line is not known.
#5 Minttu-tur 6 (6a+) Kjersti Hervik, Mayeul Marcadella, Patrick Stoll (Trad, 6 pitches, 2 ascents) Good climbing up to the pillar with short pitches. The last pitch can be avoided making it grade 6-. Descent: A short rappel on the backside is needed.