Patrick Stoll

8 (7b+)022
8- (7b)101
7 (6c)123
7- (6b+)099
6+/7- (6b)011
6+ (6b)044
6 (6a+)213
6- (6a)202
5 (5b)011

Public ascents:

16/08-19 Storstolpan / Storstolpan sydøstvegg (Nesheim vegg) / Minttu-tur 6 (6a+)
Some nice climbing.
12/08-19 Storstolpan / 930 sydvegg (aka Måneveggen) / Kaukopartio 7- (6b+)
Good route from the start to the end. Pretty steep in the crux pitch. And some nice offwidths :)
12/08-19 Storstolpan / Renneveggen / Ugler i mosen 7- (6b+)
Wow!! Grade is 6+ for those who have been in Indian Creek or with a Crack machine at home. ;)
10/08-19 Storstolpan / Storstolpan sydvegg / Det gylne hjørnet 7- (6b+)
Pitches 5 and 6 are exceptionally good. Pitch 3 unfortunately somewhat vegetated, but still enjoyable.
09/08-19 Storstolpan / Renneveggen / Veien til uglas hjerte 6 (6a+)
What a climb, combined with "Ugler i mosen"! Maybe the best route i have climb this year. And I have done some routes ;).
09/08-19 Storstolpan / Brokebakveggen / Super Flake 6- (6a)
Nice in the evening sun.
05/08-19 Storstolpan / 930 sydvegg (aka Måneveggen) / Nymånerisset 7- (6b+)
Great climbing, especially the second pitch which is not particularly hard, but very sustained.
19/06-19 Hollenderan / Baugen, sørvestveggen / Halvmånerisset 6+/7- (6b)
15/06-19 Hollenderan / Baugen, sørvestveggen / Grax 7- (6b+)
Lots of dihedral climbing and a distinct crux. Not a super classic, but worth climbing. Surprisingly not sand-bagged. The crux can be easily A0-ed and the rest of the route is enjoyable at grade 6.
21/05-19 Ersfjorden / Kalk & Gummi / Jernanger 5 (5b)
Nice warming up
21/05-19 Ersfjorden / Gubben / Tetanus Rex 7 (6c)
21/05-19 Grøtfjorden / Hovedveggen / Giv Akt! 6+ (6b)
21/05-19 Grøtfjorden / Hovedveggen / Den Norske Amerikalinje 7- (6b+)
Trad at its best.
20/05-19 Ersfjorden / Kalk & Gummi / Tricky 7- (6b+)
11/05-19 Brensholmen / Armdreparveggen / Trollmannen fra åz 6 (6a+)
08/09-18 Storstolpan / 930 sydvegg (aka Måneveggen) / Fullmånerisset 6+ (6b)
Simply awesome.
02/09-17 Ersfjorden / Resekjerringa / In Deliri Flagrante 8 (7b+)
First the two cruxes seemed hopeless, but with the correct beta, the first became easy, the second still a struggle. Enduring finish..
01/09-17 Ersfjorden / Resekjerringa / Steinbiten 8 (7b+)
Technical. Easier than expected in the crux which seemed impossible at the first attempts.
16/06-17 Store Blåmann / Nordveggen / Ultima Thule n/a
An adventure :)
01/01-17 Gullknausen / Mining crack / The seeker 6- (6a)
15m. Start scrambling up on the big block to a huge flake. From this follow the crack through the small roof to the top of the block. No bolted anker (yet).
01/01-17 Gullknausen / Mining crack / The gnome 7 (6c)
15m. Start on the slab two meters left of the groove. Climb up to the big flake and continue through the triangular roof directly up to the final ramp. Not bolted (yet), can be climbed on toprope with an anker on trad gear.
01/01-17 Gullknausen / Mining crack / The dwarf 8- (7b)
15m. Start in the overhanging part of the slab on small crimps. At the end of the slab, head for the small flake and go up through the overhang towards two small vertical cracks. Follow these and climb out directly to the top of the boulder. Not bolted (yet), can be climbed in toprope from a trad anker.
01/08-16 Ersfjorden / Gubben / Frontruta 7 (6c)
25/06-16 Hollenderan / Baugen, sørvestveggen / Flygende Hollender 6+ (6b)
Super nice and continuous from the first meter. It does not come for free, but gives you everything!
06/05-16 Ersfjorden / Resekjerringa / Buestrengen 7- (6b+)
24/07-15 Ersfjorden / Klokketårnet / Rock around the Clock 6+ (6b)
22/05-15 Ersfjorden / Resekjerringa / Dingel Dangel 7- (6b+)
Just great.
Mellomtind / Mellomtind / Navnløs n/a
Starter i diederet til venstre for "God på bunnen". Første taulengde anbefales, kanskje samme grad som første på "God på bunnen", med fin layback/ hjørneklatring. Andre taulenge er fin i starten, traversen under det store taket er sikkert ofte våt, men der er også et alternativ som traverserer tilbake til "God fra bunnen". Tredje taulenge følger et dieder til venstre og forbi på høyre side av et annet stort tak. Der er mye lav i veggen.