Steven Van Dijck

8- (7b)033
7+/8- (7a+)022
7+ (7a)167
7/7+ (6c+)011
7 (6c)033
7-/7 (6b+)022
7- (6b+)055
6+/7- (6b)055
6+ (6b)01010
6/6+ (6a+)022
6 (6a+)033
6-/6 (6a)011
6- (6a)077
5+ (5c)011
5 (5b)044
5- (5a)033
4+ (4c)011
4- (4a)011

Public ascents:

09/09-19 Ersfjorden / Pensjonistblokka / Opprørsbevegelsen 7+ (7a)
Balancy and tricky. Perfect Ersfjorden style.
08/09-19 Ersfjorden / Pensjonistblokka / Halv Pensjon 7 (6c)
OS - Maybe a bit hard for a warm-up?
05/08-19 Grøtfjorden / Hovedveggen / Piruett på kistelokket 7-/7 (6b+)
Big moves to good holds in steep-ish terrain.
05/08-19 Grøtfjorden / Hovedveggen / Ballettmester andersens likkiste 7/7+ (6c+)
OS - Super technical. Tiny crimps and smearing in the corner, would have preferred not to climb it in 20 degrees after is has been all day in the sun.
04/08-19 Grøtfjorden / Hovedveggen / Overhengende fare 6- (6a)
Pumpy and intimidating.
17/06-18 Ersfjorden / Resekjerringa / Dingel Dangel 7- (6b+)
My first trad ascent of this route. Used to be my project in 2015 on sport and was very happy to do it in even better style two years later.
07/10-17 Hollenderan / Baugen, sørvestveggen / Rena Ragnarok 7+ (7a)
What a day! Freezing on the ledges, 3 minutes of sun to give us a little warmth and amazing atmosphere! I am still impressed by the boldness of this route. I hoped the crux would be the 7+ part and the mental crux not quite as hard. But even when seconding I didn't feel comfortable at all. Right after we all three got through this pitch it started raining and getting up the '5' pitch became quite tricky. Also it is a sandbag.. Ropes got stuck 3 times during abseil, but we got to the cabin safe and satisfied! Managed to free everything, but only led one of the pitches.
30/09-17 Ersfjorden / Toppsvaet / Balshoiballetten 7 (6c)
Sustained route which made my legs burn. Was one mm away from falling in the crux, but magically I managed to stay on. The +15 degrees didn't make it easier. Thin line and could use some brushing in the top. Never seen so many bail biners in one route!
26/09-17 Ersfjorden / Resekjerringa / Sigden og Hammaren 8- (7b)
Second go of the day. Wasn't concentrated in the crux. A fingerlock around the corner made the crux a lot easier. Clipped the chains with a lot of power left in the bank. Was the fifth try in total. Nice route. Not sketchy clips at all. No hands rest after crux.
29/08-17 Ersfjorden / Ravneveggen / Infinita Tristeza 7+ (7a)
One of the few 7a's in the area. Dreamt of OS Norwegian 7a for a while. Worked hard to get the crux. Up and down three times to take a bad rest at the sloper. Couldn't see the last bolt which made the end tricky. Happy with this OS!
27/08-17 Ersfjorden / Crackveggen / Crack til Folket 6+/7- (6b)
First try of the season. Solid finger locks, cruizing w/o pump. Excuse me for breaking some holds in the crux last year.
19/08-17 Hollenderan / Baugen, sørvestveggen / Run Amok 6+ (6b)
Not so nice first pitch as often is the case on Baugen, but from the second pitch the feasts starts. Classic Baugen 6+ (which means it's balls hard) Thought more than once I will pop off the wall, but I managed to stay on. Green camelot size, flared crack for 55 metres. Pumpy pumpy. Last pitch has some really strange boulder problem which is badly protected and awkward.
01/08-17 Storstolpan / Storstolpan sydvegg / Vidofnir 7+ (7a)
Definitely lost some skin in the off-width. And a lot of dignity. Freaking cold at the top!
01/08-17 Ersfjorden / Sjarmørveggen / Sekspress 6+/7- (6b) Tried once two years before, but did it first go this time. Didn't like this line at all. Hard to read and confusing with the arrete.
16/07-17 Ersfjorden / Tunga / Leppa 7+/8- (7a+)
This is not 7b. Maybe 7a+ on a bad day. Long boulder problem with rope. Nice line and surprisingly not so pumpy.
15/07-17 Ersfjorden / Vestresvaet / Dagsverk 6- (6a)
Good warm-up OS
15/07-17 Ersfjorden / Vestresvaet / Fluenes Herre 6/6+ (6a+)
Sustained slab climbing. Elegant!
15/07-17 Ersfjorden / Vestresvaet / På Kanten av Stupet 7- (6b+)
Beautiful slab climbing, needed a moment before the crux to figure out the moves. A bit mossy in the top, should be climbed more often!
15/07-17 Ersfjorden / Tunga / Turistklasse 6+/7- (6b)
Pumpy! Sharp rock, good fun. OS
09/07-17 Grøtfjorden / Øvrefeltet, Toppveggen / Akropolis 6+/7- (6b) OS
09/07-17 Grøtfjorden / Camelveggen / Røykfri sone 7 (6c)
Hard to see where the actual line goes and not get distracted by the easier cracks around
09/07-17 Grøtfjorden / Camelveggen / Camel uten 6+ (6b)
08/07-17 Gullknausen / Brosmeveggen / Flikkflak 6+/7- (6b)
Linked pitch 1-2 into a super 59m pitch. Take 24 draws and enjoy the ride! Second pitch has a lot of rests in it. OS
08/07-17 Gullknausen / Karatveggen / Fransk åpning 6/6+ (6a+)
Bit difficult to read. Big ledge before top.
06/07-17 Ersfjorden / Sjamanveggen / Sjamanen 8- (7b)
2016's project. I kept on forgetting the beta in the start. I tried to flash it with Grumstads' beta but it was way too powerful for me. When sending I was too pumped to clip the draw in the little traverse so ran it out instead with shaking legs.
06/07-17 Ersfjorden / Crackveggen / Psilocin 7+ (7a)
2016's project. Sent it first attempt of the day while putting up the draws. Stiff shoes recommended. Techy line. 7a or even 7a+?
17/06-17 Ersfjorden / Resekjerringa / Buestrengen 7- (6b+)
Technical footwork, awkward end.
08/06-17 Ersfjorden / Ravneveggen / Ravns Flukt 7+/8- (7a+)
4th GO. Crux to get past 3th bolt, some tape was needed for the fingerlock on cristals. Beautifull line, nasty end. 7a+
05/06-17 Ersfjorden / Sjamanveggen / Granitveien 6- (6a) OS
05/06-17 Ersfjorden / Baksiden / Panoramasvaet 6+ (6b) OS
05/06-17 Ersfjorden / Baksiden / Whipper Delux 7- (6b+) OS
05/06-17 Ersfjorden / Baksiden / Sorry Lorry 6 (6a+) OS
05/06-17 Ersfjorden / Baksiden / Snøballkrig 6+ (6b) OS
01/06-17 Ersfjorden / Resekjerringa / Buestrengen Direct 7+ (7a)
Nicer than the variation. Cool crossing to clip the anchor!
27/05-17 Brensholmen / Armdreparveggen / Trollmannen fra åz 6 (6a+) OS
11/09-16 Hollenderan / Baugen, sørveggen / Mannen med Ljaen 6+ (6b)
Bring 2 or 3 #3. Very unclear first 2-3 pitches. Beautiful lieback crux-pitch. Climb quick and don't bother too much with protection and jump to the horizontal crack of salvation.
27/08-16 Ersfjorden / Ravneveggen / Fallinjen 7+ (7a)
Should have been an OS. Didn't think I could do it but turned out to be quite easy.. Man up from the beginning next time!
20/08-16 Hollenderan / Styrhuset / TUB 6+ (6b)
Went a bit off track and needed to clean sand and moss in the newly found chimneys. I think it was a FA in there. Fun nevertheless!
14/08-16 Hollenderan / Baugen, sørveggen / Silhuetten 6+ (6b)
Incredible line, first crux is a one move wonder, in general quite sustained climbing though.
13/08-16 Hollenderan / Baugen, sørveggen / Alexis 6+ (6b)
Amazing line and beautifully sustained crux pitch!
02/08-16 Ersfjorden / Sjamanveggen / Moctezumas Hevn 8- (7b)
Beautiful line. Intense on the core. Easy finish for the taller. Took some whippers before doing it on my 8th try. My first 8- I think.
24/07-16 Hollenderan / Baugen, sørvestveggen / Halvmånerisset 7-/7 (6b+)
Hard! Possible to devide the Crux into two parts. Bring 3-4 #4 along and 2 #3 for the second part. Sustained crux but lovely! First round I had to bail.
20/07-16 Ersfjorden / Sjarmørveggen / Sjarmøren 6- (6a) OS
22/05-16 Hollenderan / Baugen, østvegen / Stjernedans 6- (6a)
Did the harder finish going up in the triple dihedral continuing in a tiny finger dihedral.
13/05-16 Brensholmen / Armdreparveggen / Skeive Skriver 6+ (6b)
17/09-15 Ersfjorden / Ravneveggen / Ravnereiret 6 (6a+)
Not so hard when you know that good holds will appear. Mostly a mentally challenging route
05/09-15 Ersfjorden / Vakttårnet / Ytre Venstre 5+ (5c)
05/09-15 Ersfjorden / Vakttårnet / Varm eplekake med ekte vaniljeis 6+ (6b)
20/08-15 Brensholmen / Panoramaveggen / Panorama cafe 6- (6a)
16/07-15 Brensholmen / Armdreparveggen / Cheezy dipper 6-/6 (6a) OS
05/07-15 Ersfjorden / Sjarmørveggen / Rekrutten 5 (5b)
05/07-15 Ersfjorden / Sjarmørveggen / Snørrungen 4+ (4c) OS
05/07-15 Ersfjorden / Sjarmørveggen / På Skråss 5 (5b) OS
05/07-15 Ersfjorden / Sjarmørveggen / Førstereisegutten 5- (5a) OS
05/07-15 Ersfjorden / Sjarmørveggen / Skårungen 5 (5b) OS
19/06-15 Brensholmen / Armdreparveggen / Veslenøtt 4- (4a)
19/06-15 Brensholmen / Armdreparveggen / Nøtteliten 6- (6a)
Storstolpan / 930 sydvegg (aka Måneveggen) / Fullmånerisset 7- (6b+)
Fell on the end of the first pitch. What a beautiful line, all pitches are bomber and they just keep and keep on coming!
Ersfjorden / Kvitkuken / Hurtigruta 5 (5b)
Ersfjorden / Kvitkuken / Mørketidsfordriv 5- (5a)
Ersfjorden / Kvitkuken / Midnattssolstikk 5- (5a)